Counseling To Help Manage Your Anger

There’s a lot of confusion about anger, which is a normal and usually beneficial human emotion. That’s the way most people experience and express it.

Angry man needing counseling or anger management therapyExpressing angry feelings in an assertive – not aggressive – way is healthy. Anger even motivates us. It can be exactly what’s needed to conquer fears or to stand up to some wrong or injustice. Used with prudence, anger can be an asset and strength to effectively maintain a healthy sense of self-respect.

But for some people, anger gets out of control and turns destructive. In fact, many men struggle with controlling their anger. Left unaddressed, difficulties managing anger often worsen and can result in damaging, long-term consequences for a man, his kids, his marriage, his career, and his future.  A man’s unchecked anger and hostility even increases his risk of death.

Fortunately, there are effective strategies for helping me to learn to control their anger and hostility.

Anger management, and anger therapy or talk therapy, are effective in reducing or eliminating the negative effects of unhealthy anger.

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