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I provide psychotherapy and counseling to individuals, and phone consultation to those outside of the San Francisco Bay Area.

If you’d like to talk with me about these services or arrange an appointment, please phone me at 415-346-6719 or visit the Contact page on this web site.

Please note that all information you discuss with me will be kept strictly confidential within the limits of the law and will not be disclosed without your written consent.

Top psychologist in Oakland


Will Courtenay is ranked as a top psychologist in Oakland, California. Verified by Yocale.

Top psychologist in Oakland


Will Courtenay is ranked as a top psychologist in Oakland, California. Verified by Yocale.

Dr. Will Courtenay honored as Patients' Choice winner, awarded to psychologists and other psychotherapists with top psychology practices in Oakland, Berkeley and the East Bay

Dr. Will Courtenay, PHD has been recognized as one of the top Oakland Psychology practices. Verified by

Dr. Will Courtenay, The Men's Doc, is highly rated in Google reviews for psychological and counseling services in Oakland and the East Bay

Highly Rated in Google Reviews for Psychological & Counseling Services In Oakland & The East Bay

What people are saying about Dr. Will Courtenay’s psychotherapy services…

Will is a trusted colleague to whom I frequently refer clients, confident that they will receive excellent care. In addition to his exceptional expertise – he’s written one of the most important books on men’s psychology to come along sin years – he’s also a wonderfully warm, helpful and authentic person. – Dan Quinn, Psy.D.

Will Courtenay has been an excellent resource and primary referral psychologist for my male patients with psycho-social sexual dysfunction and interpersonal relationship problems. He is an outstanding therapist, great listener and compassionate health care professional. As a practicing urologist, I have referred many of my patients to Will and have been impressed by how much he has helped them through difficult times. I wholeheartedly recommend his services. – Joel Piser, M.D.

Dr. Courtenay is one of my favorite clinicians to refer to. He’s smart, kind, and thorough. I have referred many clients to him over the years and will continue to do so. – Dr. Joshua Coleman, Psychologist

Will has a reassuring presence, decades of experience, and a deep warmth. He is insightful and encouraging. He is effective at helping people focus on what is meaningful to them and move forward. I am a former business executive and current psychotherapist who works with couples and with men in transition. I would not hesitate to recommend Will to any of my current clients for individual therapy or for consultation. – Dr. Ted Obbard, Psychologist

I’ve had the pleasure of working with “Dr. Will” as a guest expert on my medical television program. He is a compassionate, poised and effective communicator, and I truly enjoy working with him. Dr. Will is an excellent resource and I’ve referred my cardiac patients to him because he is a sensitive listener and I trust he can help these men cope with their anxiety and depression. I highly recommend him when it comes to dealing with men’s health and psychosocial concerns. – Karen Owoc, The Health Reporter and Clinical Exercise Physiologist/Kinesiologist

I have worked with Will for over 10 years. He is a warm, caring and sincere man. He has been a resources for dads who struggle with depression. He has a deep understand of the complex emotional states men face as they go through life. I would highly recommend him to men who are seeking psychotherapy or counseling. – Bruce Linton, PhD, Founder of The Fathers’ Forum

Dr. Will Courtenay is a leading expert in men’s health concerns, including PPND, Paternal Posnatal Depression. Dr. Courtenay brings his clinical expertise, as well as his interpersonal wisdom and warmth to help new fathers navigate their journeys as new dads. I highly recommend his clinical services to many of the new families I meet in my practice and support groups. He has written and spoken extensively on PPND, an often over-looked, yet very real mood concern for new fathers. – Juli Fraga, PhD

Dr. Will Courtenay is smart, compassionate, and dedicated to helping men and boys live full and meaningful lives. He is an expert in his field and offers sensitive and insightful psychotherapy services. – Nurse Rona Renner

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