Sad Dads – Do You Have Paternal Postpartum Depression?

Depressed father suffering from symptoms of postpartum or postnatal depression needing counselingBeing a parent is hard. And being a new father of an infant is especially hard. It’s stressful. And conflicts with your partner that arise after a few sleepless nights can make things harder. But Paternal Postnatal Depression is different. It’s a clinical condition.

Paternal Postnatal Depression – or PPND – is a common condition among men after the birth of a child. Up to 1 in 4 new dads have PPND. Depression, anxiety or other problems with mood can occur anytime during the first year of your child’s life.

PPND is a very serious condition. But it’s also a very treatable condition. Left untreated, however, PPND can result in damaging, long-term consequences for yourself, your child, your marriage and your family as a whole. With proper treatment and support, men can fully recover from PPND.

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Dr. Will Courtenay is a leading expert in men’s health concerns, including PPND, Paternal Posnatal Depression. Dr. Courtenay brings his clinical expertise, as well as his interpersonal wisdom and warmth to help new fathers navigate their journeys as new dads. I highly recommend his clinical services to many of the new families I meet in my practice and support groups. He has written and spoken extensively on PPND, an often over-looked, yet very real mood concern for new fathers. – Juli Fraga, PhD


“Talk therapy” – or psychotherapy or counseling – is a proven effective way to reduce postpartum depression, and to feel better about yourself and your life.

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